A Lake In The Heart Of Sahara Desert

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In the extremely arid region of Northern Chad, where the average annual rainfall is barely more than 2 millimeters, is a chain of 18 lakes "Unianga."
lake depends on underground water flows that were formed here a long time ago, when the climate was much Saharan more humid.
About 10 thousand years ago, this area was the only large lake in the tens of kilometers long. As the climate in recent years has changed dramatically, the lake has decreased, while expanding dunes split it into several small ponds. 18 lakes - this is all that came to our days. This NASA photo taken Nov. 14, 2009: Lake Unianga located in the small pool at the foot of the sandstone cliffs where the ancient underground water flows. Despite the intense heat and the high percentage of evaporation, groundwater sources are strong enough to feed the lake water. This unique hydrological system is able to feed even the largest lakes in the world, if they were in a dry environment.

Chain of Lakes Unianga divided into two groups located at a distance of 40 km from each other. They differ in chemical composition, some of them are so salty that can support only primitive forms of life, and some new lakes provide habitat for many species. The lake Teli, the largest and most biologically important, is 4.5 square kilometers, and a maximum depth - 10 meters. Around it formed one of the most unusual in the world of oases.
In the second group of four lakes have deeper - Unianga Kebir, an area of ​​3.6 km and a depth of 27 meters. This gipersolevom pond can only live algae and other microorganisms. Rocks around its shores are covered with white salt crystals, and near the village, home to 9000 people.


Because of the very remote location of Lake Unianga attend only 500 tourists a year, reshivshiesya make their way in this dangerous and remote areas of Chad in one of the most beautiful deserts in the world.

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A Lake In The Heart Of Sahara Desert

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