Weird World Records

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World’s shortest living man
Southern Asia is home to 72-year-old weaver Chandra Bahadur Dangi the shortest man living and Guinness’ shortest person ever measured.  Chandra Bahadur Dangi + travels the world, Junrey Balawing + 23.5 inches, Sultan Kösen + 8 ft 3 in, Chandra Bahadur Dangi 21.5 inch,
Most spoons on a human body
In December 2011, Etibar Elchiyev — a resident of this European capital — attempted to break the world record for most spoons on a body. Etibar Elchiyev + 50 metal spoons, Etibar Elchiyev + body acts as a magnet, Aaron Caissie + 17 spoons,
Most pierced man
Germany’s Rolf Bucholz holds the record for most piercings, including 94 in and around his lips. german rolf bucholz 453 piercings, Rolf Buchholz + computer expert,
Longest distance by unicycle on a line of beer bottles
In March 2011, a German man took a unicycle for a spin across a row of glued-together beer bottles and pedaled his way into the record books. Lutz Eichholz + 26.21 ft,
Heaviest onion
A UK retiree harvested the world’s largest onion in September 2011, breaking the previous 2005 record. peter glazebrook heaviest onion, John Sifford + 16lb 8.37oz, heaviest onion 17-lb, Peter Glazebrook + heaviest potato + parsnip,
Longest underwater kiss
An Italian couple took a romantic plunge in July 2011, breaking the record for the longest aquatic make-out session. Mike Maric + Ilaria Bonin + three minutes and eight seconds,
Heaviest plane pulled by people in wheelchairs
A team of 84 thrill-seekers in wheelchairs got together in May 2011 to pull an aircraft 100 meters. 67 ton plane pulled by people in wheelchairs,
Strong man team pulls passenger ferry
A European strong man team set a May 2011 record by pulling a ferry boat using nothing but their brawn. Baltic Queen passenger ferry, strong man team + 21746 ton passenger ferry,
Longest fingernails
Dubbed “The Dutchess,” this Vegas woman holds Guinness’ record as the female with the longest fingernails. longest fingernails nearly 20 feet, Chris “The Dutchess” Walton + 18 years, Lee Redmond + longest fingernails,
World’s steepest roller coaster
Japan’s “Takabisha” coaster has earned the title of steepest coaster made from steel. rollercoaster japan worlds steepest 141 ft drop,
World’s longest cigar
A renowned Cuban cigar maker set his fifth world record in May 2011 by rolling a staggeringly long stogy. World’s longest cigar + 268 ft 4 in, wallace margarita reyes longest cigar record, Patricio Peña + longest cigar,
World’s largest omelet
It took more than 60 Turkish chefs to craft the world’s most gut-busting breakfast item in October 2010. 4.4 ton omelette, largest omelette 110,000 eggs,
World’s tallest living dog
“The Old Pueblo” is home to Giant George, who, as of February 2010, holds the title of world’s tallest dog. worlds tallest dog 43 inches, Giant George weighs 245 lbs, Giant George: Life with the Worlds’ Biggest Dog,
Most naked riders on a rollercoaster
It took three trips on the Green Scream coaster to fit them all, but eventually, a group donning their birthday suits set a record for most naked riders on a theme park ride. 102 + Most naked riders on a rollercoaster, Bosom Pals + local breast cancer support,
Most pierced woman
A Brazilian-born woman Elaine Davidson holds the record for world’s most pierced woman, and the 192 piercings on her face are just the tip of the iceberg. Elaine Davidson 7,000 piercings, Elaine Davidson + wedding + June 2011,
Most worms eaten
Guinness gives one Indian man C. manoharan record most eaten worms, credit for eating the most worms in 30 seconds. 200 live worms record, C. Manoharan + snake charmer, C. Manoharan + sale of endangered live reptiles,
Largest swimming pool
The largest outdoor swimming pool is filled with seawater and can be found at the San Alfonso Del Mar Resort. worlds largest swimming pool 3,324 ft long, worlds biggest pool 66 million gallons, San Alfonso Del Mar pool + $4 million,
Most expensive dessert
An upscale eatery in Manhattan serves up Guinness’ most expensive dessert, “The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate” ice cream sundae.  The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate ice cream sundae + $25,000, most expensive dessert made gold diamonds, Marc Guibert + expensive chocolate pudding,

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Weird World Records

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