The State Of Circassia- Amazing Art About History

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Using the scorched-earth policy, the Russian Empire was destroying everything on its way like a swarm.

Having mercy neither on children and women, nor on old folk, the Russian Army troops were pursuing their own greedy interests: the possession of the fertile and beautiful lands of Circassia, the country which in those times had strategically important outlet to the sea.

Circassia had a powerful professional army which had been famous since the time of Memluk (Circassian) governing in Egypt, whereas Russia was more advantaged in quantity, almost 100 times excelling the population of Circassia.

Nevertheless, this huge Empire managed to defeat Circassian only 101 year later.

90% were killed, 10% were taken to turkey. A lot of boats, overfilled with people, were sinking.

Besides, the Circassian people were dying of the plague at that time. The corpses were being thrown into the water, the clothes were being burned. Those who managed to reach Turkey alive couldn't land as the Turkish were afraid of the spread of the epidemic.

Only a few could save themselves. And those warriors, who continued fighting to their last breath, whose wives and children had been taken away, didn't see their families ever again.

In 1864 the State of Circassia ceased to exist.

Amman, Jordan 21-5-2012
Circassians consider 21st of May, the day the war ended, as their mourning day. 
After Russia announced Sochi, the capital of Circassia and the place where massacres went down
as the centre for the Winter Olympics 2014, Circassians from all over the worldunited to demand justice for their ancestors who where burried there.
Russia tries to falsify history by turning the graves of people who were defending
their lands into skiing fields and playgrounds.
Can the Olympic flag which symbolizes love and peace be held  on the a land of genocide?
Support Circassians in their case, support humanity.

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The State Of Circassia- Amazing Art About History

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