Buddha's Hand - The Strangest Lemon In The World

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Buddha's hand, also known as bushukan or fingered citron, is a fragrant citron variety whose fruit is segmented into finger-like sections. The origin of Buddha's hand plant is traced back to Northeastern India or China.

Grow on the continent of Asia in many places Such as China, which is a characteristic form strange despite being free of Juice and pulp. But it is used in many purposes because Buddha's hand fruit is very fragrant and is used predominantly by the Chinese and Japanese for perfuming rooms and personal items, such as clothing.

The fruit may be given as a religious offering in Buddhist temples. According to tradition, Buddha prefers the "fingers" of the fruit to be in a position where they resemble a closed rather than open hand, as closed hands symbolize to Buddha the act of prayer.



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Buddha's Hand - The Strangest Lemon In The World

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