Tokyo in 1950

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 Tokyo 1953 War Wounds have healed, a year ago, formally ended the American occupation. Most of the cars until American. Interestingly, a bicycle policeman or a postman?

As per Technology we can find every thing on internet, just like these old images of Tokyo city in 1950, But in 1950 people dont have chance to see their old images, This is Clearly "authentic" view of the city before Westernization is then a panorama of Edo in 1865 Felice Beato work. Since then, it took almost 100 years

 1953 A very strange and unexpected for the defeated nation a monument - a jet-shell "Eye" on which a kamikaze crashed into American ships. The chassis had, incidentally, were not included as unnecessary.

 In 1953. The area's famous shopping streets of Ginza. For the Japanese velospiped was still a mass means of transportation.

 In 1953. Railway station

 In 1952. Railway station

 In 1952. Imperial Hotel

 In 1953. Sakura's Day

 In 1953. Sakura's Day

 In 1952. Equestrian Statue of Kusunoki Masashige commander

 1952-53. Neighborhoods of Tokyo, drying rice
 In 1953. Nara

 In 1955. Ginza

 In 1955. General view of Tokyo

 Tokyo towards the end of the 50s

Tokyo Khrushchev

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Tokyo in 1950

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