Top 10 Websites That Changed The World

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10. WikiLeaks

This website is not that big YET, it is slowly changing the world and very soon it will that as big as the websites below. You have the media telling you lies, people giving their opinions but THIS site, is giving you proof and the TRUTH.


Craigslist is the biggest community for free online classfied ads. A person who wants something done or wants to offer services. Craigslist is the first place where he would go.
8. Amazon

The biggest online shopping center with new and old items available to your but a simple click of a button. People who start shopping with amazon find it hard to buy things from some place else.
7. Twitter

There was a time when twitter was just a website that no one really knew about, but then suddenly, something changed and everyone was talking about twitter and TODAY, a person without a twitter account is considered to be...well, not alive. Ranging from celebs, to politicians to scientists...everyone is on twitter. Most businesses have twitter accounts as well to be more interactive.

6. Napster

You might have gotten a glimpse of what Napster was in Social Network movie but the website really changed the music industry. Many similar websites were developed after Napster, but none were as successful.
5. ebay

This website completely revolutionized the online shopping and bidding industry. Infact, ebay was the first one to bring this concept. Now, ebay is like a HUGE shopping mall with lots of little stores where you can bid on items you like and win.
4. Youtube

Watching videos is always better than reading text and that is exactly what youtube knew. It was also said to be one of the greatest inventions of 2006. Youtube is now owned by Google, so being with the biggest website on the web can't hurt.
3. Facebook

Many people are now familiar with the Facebook story, because of the social network movie. Something that just started off as a site to connect students of a university with each other became a tool that everyone using the internet uses. There are other social networking sites, but the amount of traffic that facebook gets is not comparable.
2. Wikipedia

The free encyclopedia ranks at number two on our list. Although professionally, wikipedia's credibility is questionable, for a common man, the information that you get from this site is second to none.
1. Google

Who knew that a website would become so popular that its name (which actually meant nothing) be recognized as a word. Some people say = 'If knowledge is power, then google is god'. Kind of going too far but you can see that effect google has had on our world.

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Top 10 Websites That Changed The World

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