Whale Sharks Feeding In The Philippines

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A whale shark approaches a local fisherman to be hand-fed brine shrimp in shallow waters off Oslob, Philippines. Local fisherman display their unusual hand-to-mouth relationship with giant 25ft long whale sharks.

Some of the whale sharks - the world's largest fish - are so tame they even eat from the fishermen's hands.
The interaction between humans and whale sharks was photographed by conservationist Shawn Heinrichs.
While the local fisherman see the whale sharks as good luck charms for their catch, they also charge $1.50 to let photographers like Shawn capture the relationship to supplement their incomes.
Whale sharks are filter feeders, so are harmless to people. Local fishermen used to catch whale sharks for their meat and fins, but now they are protected in the Philippines.

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Whale Sharks Feeding In The Philippines

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