Kid Inventors

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Joseph-Armand Bombardier

Hailing from the Great White North, this young mechanics fanatic designed a prototype to help navigate the local terrain: a snowmobile.

Louis Braille

Blinded at an early age (how'd it happen?), Braille devised the well-known system of reading and writing for the visually impaired in 1824.
Sarah Buckel

Buckel's idea  magnetic locker wallpaper gave students a boost of schoolhouse style, put her dad's biz on the map and helped her earn some serious pocket change.
Frank Epperson 

Summers got a lot cooler thanks to Epperson's accidental 1905 invention, the Popsicle.
Philo Farnsworth

Talk about extra credit: In the early 1920s, farm boy Farnsworth showed his chemistry teacher a bright idea, a stepping-stone for making the first electronic television.


Chester Greenwood

Though he didn't acquire a patent until 1877, Greenwood created earmuffs in 1873, when he was still wet behind the ears. His hometown became the Earmuff Capital of the World.
Param Jaggi

Jaggi thought about more than just joyrides when he looked at cars; he designed the Algae-Mobile 3 to help make them more eco-friendly
Elizabeth Nathan & Gabriella Pollack

This New York City dynamic duo came up with their nonreusable syringe in 1995 to help curb a major health issue.
Ryan Patterson

Patterson got the idea for the sign language translator glove in 2002 while he was getting "brain food"
Tharon Trujillo

Trujillo's Lock-N-Block Safety Gate was inspired by an in-home incident. Find out what happened.

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Kid Inventors

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