Amazing Swimming Babies

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These pictures show babies taking to the water at London Baby Swim Centre in Osterley, West London.

The specialist centre caters for babies from just six weeks old.
Baby Swim London Operations Directors, Phil Shaw and Ana Torres, say that after being in its mother's womb a baby has what it takes to be suited to a swimming pool. "After nine months in a water environment, babies are perfectly prepared to swim from birth," explained Phil.
The centre's current baby pool is such a hit with water-mad parents that the owners have decided to be open the UK's first fully purpose built swim centre in Wandsworth, South London, in the new year.
The 10,000 gallon pool will be heated to a pleasant 33 degrees Celsius. Classes include performing turns, submersions and floating techniques.
Special UV light is used to keep the water clean and reduce the amount of chlorine used for a pool that is friendly to sensitive babies' skin.
Phil says that a baby's gag reflex is activated when water enters the mouth, and parts of the throat called the glottis and epiglottis close to prevent water from entering. This provides a watertight seal to the lungs and is why you often see babies swimming with their mouths open.
"Babies also have what is called 'the amphibian reflex'," says Phil. "This is an involuntary movement of their arms, legs and torso, which help us to introduce turns, rotations and kicking in our lessons."
All London Baby Swim instructors take a special five week induction course to ensure they know exactly how to manage babies in the pool.

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Amazing Swimming Babies

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