African Space Research Program

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Folks in Uganda have built a real space shuttle. It's called African Skyhawk and it is the first African space aircraft. There will be two pilots inside the shuttle who will be able to leave it if something goes wrong.

Here are the specs:

Aircraft Name: African Skyhawk
Estimated Max Weight: 620kg
Estimated Takeoff weight: 1000kg
Estimated Cruise Speed: 320km/h+
Maximum Cruise Distance: 3100km
Maximum Cruise Altitude: 25000ft+
Purpose: Astronomical Research
Fuel Type: 100LL Jet fuel
Number Of Persons On Board: 1 pilot, 1 researcher
Safety Features: Manual Eject system, and sea landing
Wing Specifics: Span: 31ft, Cord: 3.5ft
Estimated Takeoff speed: 120km/h


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African Space Research Program

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