Paga Crocodile Pond in Ghana

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Located in the north-eastern border of Ghana, Paga is a sacred crocodile sanctuary. Although crocodiles are considered as wild creatures, the Paga crocodiles are friendly and coexist with humans.

The friendly relationship between the crocodiles and humans continue to baffle the minds of many. This is in contrast to the perception of crocodiles as dangerous.

It is a customary offence to harm, kill or show any sign of disrespect to the crocodile of Paga. It is common to find children and or visitors sitting at the back of or holding the tale of a crocodile without any harm, after a sacrifice of a chicken.

According to the villagers, the crocodiles have never harmed anyone but since there’s a first time for everything, a hospital is located 200 km to the south in the capital city of northern Ghana, Tamale.
This is normal for the people of Paga but a mystery to visitors.

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Paga Crocodile Pond in Ghana

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