Most Popular Cars Of The Future

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2013 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG E Cell
This car features awesome doors that open up and out, fixed to the car all along the top of the door. Whether this beats the coolness of the upward-swiveling Lamborghini is just a matter of preference–maybe the fact that these mimic the doors of the Delorean will sway you. The 2013 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG E is also powered by high-voltage lithium ion batteries that can hold up to 40 Ah and has four electric motors that bring its horsepower up to 526 topping out at 155 miles per hour.
How fast do you want to be able to hit 60 miles per hour? Will four seconds do it for ya?
This car might be for you, then… But only if you can afford a base price of approximately one house: $400,000!
2012 ZL1 Camaro
With 20-inch forged aluminum wheels and a 6.2 liter V-8 engine, this car lives up to the hype both driving around your ‘hood and under the hood. The Camaro boasts 580 horsepower. Do you want to face 580 horses head-on? We’re thinking “no,” but you might want to be holding the reigns (or in this case, the wheel).
It’s also got 556 pounds of torque per foot.
At a base price of $50,000, this car is significantly more affordable than the #1 Benz, but it’s still infinitely less affordable than the used Civic in the lot down the block from you.
2013 Ford Focus ST
If 20-inch forged aluminum wheels are just a bit too extravagant for you, consider downsizing to the modest 18-inchers on the new Focus. One might not think of the Focus as a “wave of the future” kind of car, but the 2.0 liter V-4 engine, 247 horsepower, and Recaro seats might tell a different story. There’s also the 266 pounds of torque per foot to consider.
This is half the base price of the Camaro, too, at just $25,000. This is a futuristic car that might be financially reasonable for a large portion of people.
2013 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
In true elite car fashion, there will only be 20 of these cars made. With a 5.2 liter V-10, 570 horsepower built on carbon fiber frame means this car saves some weight on all its features–coming in at 2200 pounds and a 0-60 speed of just 2.5 seconds. All this sweet stuff doesn’t come cheap however. The 2013 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento STARTS at $2 million, so you’d better start saving now.
2013 Mitsubishi Evo XI
Another car powered by high-voltage lithium ion batteries. The Evo XI gets you from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds flat, built on hybrid technology that combines a 1.6 liter gas engine with an electric motor and comes with an all-wheel drive system to help keep control while you’re soaring away.
2013 Mini Paceman
A cousin of the Cooper, this adorable little car is more than meets the eye. Its 1.6 liter V-4 gas engine runs at 208 horsepower, giving it 192 pounds of torque per foot. Only 20,000 of these will be made, and they start at $22,000.
BMW i3 Electric City Car
The electric motor on this innovative ride charges in just six hours and propels you along with the power of 168 horses. With 184 pounds of torque per foot and a record of 0 to 62 in 7.9 seconds, this baby Beemer is nothing to sneeze at. It also comes with a carbon fiber body that places it in the running with the Lamborghini, but 600 pounds heavier at 2800 pounds.
Seat Mii
This lightweight weighs just 854 kilograms. Its 1 liter, 3 cylinder gas engine is offset by the 97 g/km CO2 emissions valve, and the horsepower is just 65 to 70. Aside from the weight and eco-friendly features, this car’s 5-speed manual gearbox sets it apart from the pack.
VELV Forum PSA Group
This teeny car weighs 6500 kilograms and can take 3 people 100 kilometers on its charge. (By the way, it consumes just 85 Wh per kilometer.) The VELV gets up to speeds of 110 kilometers an hour (or about 68 mph), making it a good choice for city travel.
Time Traveling Delorean (from Back to the Future)
Put your plutonium in, take your plutonium out, put your plutonium in the flux capacitor and you shake it all about; you use your nuclear fission and you displace time around: that’s what it’s all about!
Okay, maybe you can’t purchase the time-traveling Delorean… but at least you know how you might be able to build one, in theory anyway. (Also remember the Mercedes at the top of this list has the same type of doors. That should bring you a little closer to your dream of being Marty McFly until this Delorean is available for purchase.)
That makes a total of nine of the cars on our list that you could conceivably purchase in the next two or three years, and one that’s been sought after for over a quarter of a century but still not brought to reality. Dream on, car fans.


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Most Popular Cars Of The Future

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