Interesting Facts About Queens

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01. Queen Rania became the youngest queen in modern history: she became queen at age 29. In just over a year before the coronation, she worked in a bank in Amman. 

02.. Anne of Burgundy became the first woman to receive a wedding engagement ring with a diamond. It was given her first German king Maximilian in 1477.

03. The Queen Elizabeth I (British) (1533-1603) was 3,000 dresses.

04. When Elizabeth I (Russian), died in 1762 in her wardrobe had found about 15,000 dresses. They say that it is often changed by 2-3 dress for the evening.

05. For the British Queen Victoria (1819-1901) English was not their native language. Her mother, the daughter of a German duke, always spoke German at home in Victoria and therefore never learned to speak purely in English.

06. In Victoria, there were 9 children and 34 grandchildren. However, Victoria did not like small children and infants belonged to the squeamish. But when her eldest daughter Vicky was given in marriage to Germany, Victoria wrote her letters of 8000.

07. Victoria stayed on the throne more than 63 years - a record date for the monarch. Her birthday is still celebrated as a holiday in Canada. At the same time, 40 years of life spent in Victoria widowhood. She always wore a black dress, and the people and the army and its nickname, "widow."

08. Least amount of time spent on the throne of Lady Jane Grey and Jane Dudley. She was the queen of England in July 10, 1553 to July 19, 1553, exactly nine days. After which it was executed on charges of seizing power.

09. One of the most unbalanced in history was Queen of Madagascar Ranavalona. She executed her subjects, if they were to her in a dream without notice.

10. In 1357 Portugal became the queen of the dead woman. Princess Ines de Castro was the second wife of Prince Pedro. Two years earlier, her father-in-law, Alfonso "proud" that he hated her because she was a commoner, he ordered to kill her and her children. When Pedro came to the throne, he ordered the body to extract from the tomb of Ines, and compelled the nobles to recognize her the queen of Portugal.

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Interesting Facts About Queens

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