The Beauty Of Ugly Animals

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a Hed Frog stares down Mr Siwanowicz's camera. The pictures, which bring out the subtle beauty of these creepy beasties, are designed to encourage people to look a little deeper
Lovely eyes: Using a macro lens, this Phidippus Otiosus (Jumping spider) was photographed in Igor's studio in Munich, Germany

Going out on a limb: A Kyongia Fischeri (Fisher's chameleon) clatches on to a twig. From his home studio in Munich, 35-year-old Igor waits patiently for his subjects to strike the right pose

Nature expert Igor Siwanowicz is on a mission to make people fall in love with weird and wonderful wildlife, such as the Jacksonís chameleon

Here a Puss moth
Going for a wander? These two Domergue's Leaf Chameleons (l to r male, female) look like they are off on an afternoon stroll
Pictured here Mr Siwanowicz has captured a Calleta Silk Moth coiling around a twig

two Deathís Head Moths sharing an encounter
Here a ìMega-mantisî stretches its long skinny limbs

a Red-Eyed Tree Frog 
two Reddish-brown Stag Beetles

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The Beauty Of Ugly Animals

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