Great Moments in Nature Hosts' Careers

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Great moments in nature hosts' careers.
Steve Irwin
On the anniversary of Steve Irwin's tragic death in 2006, we remember this famous animal-loving Australian  who never ceased to amaze TV audiences with his dangerous wildlife stunts. Crikey, Steve, you are missed but never forgotten.

Bear Grylls
This British adventurer shot into the spotlight when he became the youngest Briton to climb this intimidating mountain at the age of 23. He continues to wow TV audiences today with his daring outdoor stunts.
Jack Hanna
Currently the director emeritus at an American zoo, this famous naturalist continues to entertain his fans by hosting multiple nature television shows and specials.
Nigel Marven
A well-known personality in England, this nature enthusiast got his start working as a producer for a famous British nature-show host. Nigel Marven finally stepped out from behind the camera in 1998, and his unorthodox and spontaneous presentation style grabs audiences' attention.
Bindi Irwin
The daughter of a world-famous nature show host, this child star began appearing on television with her father at the age of 2. After his tragic death (how old was Bindi when he died?), she continues to follow in his footsteps, reaching nature-loving audiences throughout the TV world.
Joan Embery
Born near a famous wildlife attraction, this animal advocate has been a staple on late-night television since 1971. A favorite of this "Tonight Show" host, she regularly introduced exotic wildlife to American viewers
David Attenborough
Possibly the best-known television naturalist of all time, this BBC staple was the voice of an influential nature series for 29 years. Today he continues writing and producing nature shows to educate viewers on environmental issues.
Jeff Corwin
After graduating with a master's degree, he got his TV break serving as an expedition naturalist on a National Geographic program. From there he was launched into the spotlight, hosting many popular nature shows
George Page
While you might not recognize him if he passed you in the street, nature lovers everywhere could identify his voice as the narrator of a popular nature series. He was also an avid writer who authored a book (shop for it) that was subsequently turned into a miniseries. After 50 years in broadcast journalism, this nature lover died in 2006.
Marty Stouffer
After surviving a harrowing solo trip to Alaska when he was 18, Stouffer sought out a career making wildlife documentaries. He partnered with a broadcast giant in 1982, and his long-running nature series touched American audiences for 12 years.
Jim Fowler
Born in Georgia, this animal enthusiast got his big break co-hosting a popular nature show. He became the main host of the show in 1986, winning four prestigious television awards for his outstanding work.
Marlin Perkins
Although he practiced this occupation for many years, he was best known as the host of a long-running animal show. His program is often credited for giving American audiences their first exposure to an environmental movement.
Jacques Cousteau
This French explorer  is known the world over for his many seafaring explorations. He had many occupations, including researcher, photographer, inventor  and television host, but perhaps his greatest legacy is his environmental protection foundation, which has more than 50,000 members to date.


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Great Moments in Nature Hosts' Careers

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