Reality and Misconception - Amazing Facts

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The most arid place on earth

Misconception: The Sahara
Reality: Antarctica
If at some point during the year falls below 250 mm. precipitation, it is considered a desert. In the Sahara for the year rainfall is only 25 mm., But some regions of Antarctica have not seen rain for two million years. About 2% of Antarctica (the so-called Dry Valleys) are completely free of ice and snow, and there's never rain. In the Dry Valleys constantly blow the so-called katabatic wind and the cold dense air descends at a speed of 300 km / h. solely under the force of gravity, 100% evaporating all encounters moisture - water, ice and snow.

Incidentally, in the Chilean Atacama desert rainfall of 0.1 mm. per year, so it is 250 times drier Sahara.

The largest living organism
Misconception: blue whale

Reality: The honey
Yes, most ordinary mushrooms (Armillaria ostoyae) is the largest living organism, is joined into a single unit under the ground. Honey agaric-record holder in the U.S. National Reserve Malur two to eight thousand years (the exact age of the fungus, scientists can not install) has grown to 900 hectares, and its spawn is the cause of death of many trees.

How many senses a human?
Misconception: five

Reality: At least nine

Vision, hearing, taste, smell, touch - that's what we know from school. Add to that another four of five: termotseptsiya (feeling of warmth), ekvibriotseptsiya (sense of balance), nociception (pain sensation) and proprioception (awareness, which are part of our body, even we do not feel and do not see them. Close your eyes and shake his foot - you will still know where your foot).

The existence of these nine emotions undisputed, but on the views of scientists disagree. Consider whether the feeling of hunger, thirst, danger, depth, etc? So in a broad sense, the person at least twenty-one senses.

How many planets in the solar system?
Misconception: nine

The reality: either eight or ten or more

In any case, the nine planets in our solar system - this is the wrong answer. Even the most conservative astronomers believe Pluto is a planet already on cultural rather than scientific reasons. In other words, do not want to diminish Pluto's status, so as not to confuse ordinary people. Pluto - this "tiny" ball of ice, one of the 60 000 small comet-like objects that form the Kuiper Belt on the outskirts of the solar system. To date, 330,795 officially registered as such heavenly bodies, and every month, astronomers still open for 5000 new.

Incidentally, the tenth planet of the solar system until 1850 was regarded as Ceres, but then his status has been downgraded to an asteroid. Who knows, maybe Pluto and Ceres same fate.

Moths fly into the flame

Reality: The moths to a flame did not pull

Many insects use natural light sources (sun and moon) as a landmark in the area day and night, it allows the insect to count your flight. Artificial light sources are just churning butterflies confused: they take a human mini-mini-moon or the sun for natural light and begin to adjust course. And when the light source so close, the only way to stay on the course - it's infinitely cut circles.

How to beat the crocodile

To cope with the crocodile, it is enough of an ordinary tape. The muscles which close the jaw alligator, very powerful, but the muscles responsible for opening the mouth, is so weak that you can keep the crocodile's jaws closed, only gentle pressure on her arm. Roll up the crocodile mouth with tape and run faster, until his comrades arrived.

The most humiliating defeat of Napoleon
Misconception: Waterloo

Reality: Rabbits can fight Napoleon

In 1807, Napoleon pointed out hunting rabbits at the signing of the peace treaty of Tilsit. Chief of Staff of the Emperor Alexander Berthier, that boss was not up to boredom, on this occasion bought several thousand rabbits, so here's the rub - rabbits were not wild and domestic.
When the emperor came to hunt rabbits at the sight of man in a cocked hat, took it to the owner, who wanted to feed them, not kill. Napoleon at full speed (a speed of 50 km / h) rushed thousands of rabbits, and even whips waiters could not stop the hungry animals. Napoleon had no choice but to jump into a carriage and a disgrace to retreat away.

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Reality and Misconception - Amazing Facts

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