The Smallest Inhabited Island

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Dunbar Rock, Honduras

If you plan to visit Cuba; in the near future, do not miss the Island Bay (Bay), located 70 km from the coast.
Its current owner has built a villa on a pile of stones, which alone has 6 bedrooms total.

Les Cheneaux Islands

This house is one of 36 other islands, the owner of all this, unfortunately, is unknown. The villa has everything, even the fire tower.

Peach Island, Rhode Island

Difficult to imagine, but on this tiny patch of land is a three-story house with 26 rooms. And all this splendor is worth about $ 3.6 million.

1000 Islands

The smallest house is situated on an island in the archipelago of 1,000 islands (that is the title of the archipelago). It has only one room.

Las Isletas, Nicaragua

In a faraway country of Nicaragua is a lake Kokibolka (Cocibolca). Middle of the lake rises the island, and on the island - a small house, or rather, the villa.

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The Smallest Inhabited Island

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