Most Expensive Pets

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About where people can bring their moods by choosing a pet, please read the article The strangest pets, here we discuss the most expensive and thus legal exotic pets)
 Thus, most "cheap" pet in our list is the domestic Bengal cat, a price which can range from $ 800 up to 3 thousand
 This breed has been bred back in the 60s of XX century American Jane Mill, decided to cross a wild Bengal cat, black cat home, resulting in a nice little spotted cat appeared
 After long labors succeeded in bringing an American rock steady, which is representative of the Bengal cat, a wild ancestor of trailing by 4 or more generations

Because of the stain is often called Leopard cat with a leopard even though it is genetically unrelated)
 If you suddenly want to start a home Japanese macaque, the pleasure will cost at least $ 3500
 This is the most northerly in the world of monkeys, which is why they are called Nordic macaques

Animals thrive at -5 ° C, heated in hot springs in northern Japan)
 Although the Japanese macaque and are listed as endangered, they still can legally buy for your home, but this requires a special permit

Another monkey on our list is already at $ 4000. This squirrel Sajmir or just Squirrel monkey
 This small primate of not more than 35 inches (40 cm tail) is popular in the first place, thanks to its friendly
 The muzzle and ears of squirrel monkeys are covered with short white hair, like some make-up)

An even greater amount will have to pay someone who wants to start a home hairless Chinese crested dog) That's a long name)) Well, but the cost of short - only some 4-5 thousand dollars)
 This cost is due to extreme rarity of this dog, but it is one of the friendliest breeds
 Walk it crested a miracle carefully, because of the absence of the coat dog could easily get a sunburn
 Even more expensive is to have a house cat breed Savannah. The price for this semi-wild animals ranging from 4 to 10 thousand dollars

This is one of the highest domestic cats, thus it is very thin, which allows it to look harder than it actually is
 Savannah also features a long muzzle, large ears and leopard color. It can walk like a dog on a leash, and even play a "throw-fetch"
 Savannah breed itself was removed recently - until the end of last century, and officially registered it in this century, in 2001)

An interesting feature of this cat is its complete loyalty to the dogs) if they do not touch it for them even paid no attention, even if the bark will be), but is any dog ​​to cross the line - I do not envy her ... With such an enemy, even in fighting dog breeds is very little chance ... In general the nature of the cat))
 The next animal on our list - the Mona monkey, or marmoset Campbell, on behalf of the researcher who found it in West Africa. It should be a monkey from $ 6000
 The main feature of this monkey is its ability to adapt to almost any environmental conditions

Even more expensive primate - Brazza monkey, is also named after the explorer who discovered this species) for possession of this little animals have to pay from 7 to 10 thousand dollars
 The second name of the monkey - a monkey-eared, as she was found in swampy forests of central Africa
 A distinctive feature is the Monkey Brazza white beard and yellowish gray fur
 In most cases, from the playful cub grows benevolent evil primate unpredictable, so it is very popular these monkeys do not enjoy, except that those who do not know about the features of the nature of adults)

Even more expensive pet is different from all that he has no arms or legs, or feet) No, no it's not a mutant, a typical ribbon round python, The cost of a live "rope" starts at $ 10,000
 Striped royal python - an exclusive subspecies usual round python, from which it differs clearly delineated by black lines yellow stripe from head to tail. This painting in the round of pythons are extremely rare, hence the price of this)
 For comparison, here's what a normal royal python
 The next in our list of most expensive pet Hyacinth Macaw is - the largest parrot in the world, reaching a meter in length! More information about parrots you can learn from the article "Parrots - The most intelligent birds"
 Name your parrot has a bright blue color of plumage. Hyacinth Macaw was found in the tropical forests of South America, and the appearance of strange birds in the U.S. market has caused quite a stir - almost every second person wanted to get hold of a bird house) is not surprising that prices literally shot up from the initial $ 6500 to $ 12 000!
 Only now buying a pet, do not forget that his beak he easily breach the shell of a coconut, so deal with it should be carefully

Three "leaders" opens up Tiger python albino, which cost starts at $ 15,000

This price is due to rarity of this snake, though, despite the rare albino tiger python-is one of the best known and most popular reptiles in the world! By the way, I advise you to read about albinism, it is quite an interesting phenomenon

Python can grow to a length of 2.5 meters as well as up to 8, so please be Extensive terrarium, if you want to have a pet at home))
 In second place jumping and fun hamming chimpanzees) To be honest, I fell into a stupor when I heard that the cost of this "friend" is over a $ 65 000

What we know about chimpanzees? In addition, they are a bit like us, constantly yelling, grimace and throw different shit)) But in reality, few people know that chimpanzees have been found in the tropical forests of Central and West Africa, but not in a zoo, as many think
 Today it is not yet subsided scientists debate about whether there is a chimpanzee a proper language or not. Ridiculous of course the dispute, but you never know) Although I think that still do not have them any language, some instincts on which chimpanzees respond differently to a particular sound of the tribe.

Well, we've come at last to the most expensive pet in the world) So if you have an extra 138,000 dollars - you can create a home of this White Tiger!
 In fact, it's normal albino Bengal tiger, but due to the fact that they are so few left, and albinism is very rare - hence the price of a transcendental

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Most Expensive Pets

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