Foods Made With Disgusting Ingredients !!

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Skittles & Jellybeans

Made from crushed insect cocoons known as 'shellac,' which is used to coat foods and give them that special shine.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Castoreum, otherwise known as anal secretions mixed with urine from a BEAVER, is a common FDA approved food additive found commonly in vanilla & raspberry flavoring… as well as perfume.


Made from charred animal bones, bone char. Bone char is used to filter and decolorize the raw sugar.


Made from collagen, which is boiled connective tissue found in animals.

Wendy's Chili

Made from day-old hamburgers and silicon dioxide… or as you might remember from chemistry class, SAND.


Often made with Lanolin, otherwise known as 'sheep secretions,' in order to soften the gum mix.

Anything red/pink you've been eating

The red coloring is achieved by using crushed, boiled red insects. The finished product is known as 'carmine.'

Shredded Cheese

Cellulose, which is basically sawdust, is used to keep the shreds from clumping together.


Many commercial breads include a dough softening agent known as L-Cyesteine, made from human hair.

Any processed chicken you've been eating

Always remember that this is what that 'meat' is.

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Foods Made With Disgusting Ingredients !!

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