Amazing Gigantic Jaguar E-Type Sculpture

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You can usually spot Gerry Judah's car sculptures from a mile away, not only because they are so distinctly different, but also because they are gigantic in scale and size.

Judah's latest creation is a 91 ft (28 m) high steel sculpture of the Jaguar E-Type car, designed for the Goodwood Festival of Speed which took place in Sussex, UK last weekend. Jaguar was asked to provide a sculpture to commemorate the 50th birthday of the classic sports car.

The impressive piece is made from .62 miles (.5 km) of 4 ft (1200mm) diameter steel tubing. Balancing on its front bumper, the giant Jaguar weighs a massive 193 tons (386,000 lbs), the equivalent of 135 E-types.

“I thought I would like to express the form of the car itself without any embellishments," explains Judah. “Everyone recognizes the E-type, the shape speaks for itself. You can’t compete with it, you can’t digress from it.”

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Amazing Gigantic Jaguar E-Type Sculpture

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