Zakopane -The Pearl of Poland

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 Zakopane is the winter capital of Poland. There is a lot of snow in the Tatra Mountains in winter and winter sports are very popular here, especially ski jumping that became the favourite sport here after the success of a Polish sportsman Adam MaƂysz. However Zakopane is the resort for all seasons of the year, views of the Tatra Mountains are breathtaking all year around!

 Zakopane is inhabited by real gorali, they eat much, drink even more, talk loudly, merrily sing funny songs that are clear only to them because their accent is like nowhere else in Poland. And these people are very hospitable.
 Beautiful, buried in verdure, wooden houses against the background of snowy peaks create the special atmosphere in the city. There is a pedestrian street in the center, numerous restaurants and stores where tourists may spend their time with pleasure. The cuisine here is awesome, you'll forget all diets and all rules you've been trying to follow... No way you'll be able to refuse it...


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Zakopane -The Pearl of Poland

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