The Most Dangerous And Scary Devil Tower

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One of the most famous and most mysterious places on our planet who adore travelers - a rock Devils Tower, located in the reserve in northeast Wyoming in the U.S..

Let's start with the fact that the Devils Tower or Devil's Tower - not only the name of this rock. With its other name is connected one of the Indian legend of the seven local girls who were walking in the woods when they threw a huge and ferocious bear. Girls long fled from the infuriated animal, but the bear would not leave. In desperation, the children climbed on a simple stone and prayed for the salvation of the Great Spirit.

According to the legend: Spirit heard of innocent girls in trouble, and a stone suddenly began to grow, so the girls began to gradually rise above the angry beast. In a rage, the bear could not stop and tried to climb the cliff, but he has failed, and on the rock for ever traces its huge claws. In this case, the mountain continued to grow upward, until the girls could not go to heaven, which evolved in the Pleiades stars. This and one of the Indian mythical name of the mountain - Mato Tipila (Bear's lair). According to another Indian legend, the rock was created evil demon, who beat her at the top of the drum, the thunder and lightning erupting. Some Indians believed it was in the dark essence of the mountain and called it the Tower of bad god, and therefore preferred not to settle nearby, and if possible not to approach her.

This name became the foundation of modern official name of the rock, which has been honored by researcher Richard Dodge back in 1875.
Due to unfavorable conditions for climbers climbing for fun conquered this peak only twice: a local resident in the XIX century and the climber Jack Dyurrans in 1938. Plane to get to the summit can not, and helicopters literally blows away with the small area continuing a strong wind at the top, so that the tower actually was considered almost impregnable.

In the 20 th century to replace the mystical theories of origin of the rocks came sci-fi. Thus, according to one version, the top Deyvlz Tower is a site for UFO landings. And not without reason, as on a cliff repeatedly noticed a strange light phenomena, and in its vicinity unidentified flying objects. This version was so popular that even embodied in the famous movie by Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the third degree."

An experienced skydiver, George Hopkins, did not appreciate the danger, hoping to become the third conqueror of the summit. A landing by parachute went well, but all of rope, which dropped him from flying from the impact of rock fell into disrepair. Parachutist became a prisoner rocks. The news of this spread through all of America. Crowds of tourists and onlookers surrounded the tower and captive-TV star sprinkled jokes in live radio. Everyone liked the joke, that it lacks only Eve, to, happen down there, the flood, give rise to a new branch of humanity. Soon, dozens of aircraft circling in the air, kicking off at Hopkins free food and equipment provided by manufacturing companies for promotional purposes. Charter dodge falling objects, a paratrooper on the radio begged to stop the bombing, especially since most of the items still flew away into the abyss.

Despite the abundance of food, the forces quickly left the prisoner. To his horror, found that impregnable smooth granite rock is inhabited by rats, who each night were becoming bolder. A specially designed Rescue Committee Hopkins called for a rescue operation experienced climber Ernst Field and his partner Gorrell of Colorado. But the climbers after an hour of visual reconnaissance and 3 hours recovery were forced to turn back and abandon further attempts. Field admitted: "We have this damn lump is too tough!"

It seemed incredible - professionals to conquer the peak height of more than 8000 m, but were powerless over 390 meters tall! Committee through the press began to search AD Dyurransa, and only a day later he was found on the east coast at Dartmouth. In another day he arrived and began preparing for the ascent to the old, known only to him the route. Noon assault began, and although the top was shrouded in mist, mountain climbers, led by Dyurransa reached the top and on the climbing cradle lowered down exhausted paratrooper. In total, Hopkins remained captive Towers about a week.

In 1906, by order of President Theodore Roosevelt, the area around Devils Tower became the first National Park, USA, and the rock itself was declared a national monument. Annually visit the tower several hundred thousand travelers, with only a few thousand decided to climb on top of unusual rock.


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The Most Dangerous And Scary Devil Tower

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