Easter Celebrations In Different Countries

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10. New Zealand

People like to attend the Church Services over the weekend to celebrate both the death and resurrection of Christ. The stores are have Hot Cross Buns and Easter eggs in plethora keeping in view the traditions of celebrating the Easter feast. Children are often riveted in Easter egg hunt.

9. France

It has held on to the tradition of giving away eggs on this day. It is also linked to the end of fast period, a period during which no eggs can be eaten. Then after the end of that fasting period, eggs are given away in abundance. It is also the symbol of resurrection is Christian religions.

8. Italy

I am sure most of you are going to find this one very much appealing and interesting. Guess what ! all the members of the family exchange Easter eggs which contain gifts within them for others. I guess Italians have a great propensity towards eating a good food on the Easter and no wonder we can see a very hale and hearty Italian football team. This is their way of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. A special breakfast is made which consists of salami, eggs, a special cheese cake and the traditional “colomba” – it is a sweet cake containing almonds candied fruits.

7. Czech Republic

These people don’t consider this as a Catholic Feast, rather Easter marks the start of the Spring season for them and they celebrate this occasion. They enjoy themselves by having dinners and are very much gregarious as regards to celebrating Easter.

6. Australia

This country has a great variety of celebrations such as making Hot Cross Buns which have a cross and is a symbol of Christ. Easter eggs are also part of the Australians Easter celebrations.

5. United States

Easter Bunny plays a vital role here in this country as children wake up early in the morning to find him (Easter Bunny) left some candies for them. Hunt for the eggs is orchestrated at higher levels even and winner gets a prize. The reward is a great monetary enticement, isn’t it?

4. Ireland

Ireland share common celebrations of Easter with other Christian countries but have also got some distinct traditions as dawn dance, the herring funeral and the cake dance.

3. Poland

Just start counting the dishes on the table, colored eggs; cold meats; sausages; ham; yeast cakes; pound cakes etc. So they are the food-lovers but smoke is not permitted and hence the meal is served as it is. Their national tradition is to share a boiled egg with one’s neighbor.

2. Brazil

Brazilian parents play hide n seek in a different manner. They hide chocolate eggs and let their children to find them or hunt for them – Egg Hunt.

1. United Kingdom

Eating Hot Cross Buns and exchanging chocolate eggs is among the celebrations in UK. They paint decorations on egg shells and prepare a rich fruit cake with a layer marzipan in the middle and 11 balls of marzipan on top symbolizing 11 true apostles.

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Easter Celebrations In Different Countries

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