Vineyards And Wine-Vaults Of France

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France is undoubtedly famous for its beautiful sceneries, old castles and of course delicious wines. In this post there is everything abovementioned. We'll have a brief excursion through some French castles and explore their wine vaults.
The Luara river is the longest in France. Unexpextedly it turned to look more like a spruit than like a river, but there are lots of old castles built by its banks in the Middle Ages. The first castle in the trip was Breze Castle (Chateau de Breze).
On the way to the castle there are lots of vineyards.
Breze Castle has the deepest ditch in France.
Under the castle there is still a sophisticated tunnel system.
Although the castle looks unapproachable, it changed hands several times.
A watchtower inside and outside. Set your eyes on the tiny windows.
In some caves there are projecting cameras and medieval pictures awake on the walls.
The cellars still preserve the atmosphere of past ages.
On the way to the Coulaine Castle is Fontevraud Abbey, where one of the English kings, Richard the Lion Hearted, is buried.
Coulaine Castle (Chateau de Coulaine)
Vineyards are situated right in the territory of the castle.
Masked wine-vault entance under the castle.
The castle's mistress opens a bottle of wine for tasting.
The family makes 100 000 bottles of wine a year. There are 5 of them who deal with it, including the mistress herself.

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Vineyards And Wine-Vaults Of France

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