Somethings You Don’t Know About Cell Phones

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As cell phones get more and more functions nowadays, they are really practical and become quite irreplaceable in our daily life. We all know pretty well that the radiation from them is harmful to our health. However, we may hardly know when the cell phones release radiation to the most and how to cut down the danger they cause to our health. Here let’s take a look at those practical things you might don’t know about cell phones.
Cell Phone radiation
Firstly, it is not that the more functions they have, the more radiation they would release. Actually, the radiation they release has nothing to do with the functions they get. So, radiation released by multifunctional cell phones just equals the simplest practical cell phones if other conditions are the same.
Secondly, the better signal, the less radiation. The reason is that when the signal is not good, cells phones would launch more power to ensure the base station can receive their signal. This can be explained by a daily case. If you want a person with not so good sense of hearing, then you certainly should speak much louder than normal.
Thirdly, it is really harmful for us to put our multifunctional cell phones under our pillow or near our ear to work as a MP3 or an alarm clock when we are sleeping, because doing this way would cause dangers to the most important part of our body–our head.
Finally, it would be helpful if you keep cell phones away from your ear when they first get through during a call because for the first few seconds, the transmission of signal is not stable. Cell phones would in a condition of highest power.
cell phones away from your ear
Though it is almost impossible for us to live without cell phones, it is possible for us to reduce the dangers they cause while enjoying the conveniences they offer.

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Somethings You Don’t Know About Cell Phones

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