Most Expensive Hollywood Actors

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01.Will Smith
Will Smith $80 million/year
Will Smith have involved in many successful movie and some of them are Independence Day and Men in Black. Most of his movie hit Box office in a short of time and millions people in the world love his act. Will Smith earns $80 million yearly. This rate make him the most expensive Actors in Hollywood this moment.

02. Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp $72 million/year
He knows how to digest a movie script and he knows how to play it well.He is the most remembered icon in very successful movie ,Pirate of the Caribbean series,and Charlie and the chocolate factory.In average, he collected $72 million/year. His rate is the 2nd most expensive in Hollywood industries

03. Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy $55 million/year
He was Born in April 3, 1961 and started to act in 1980.In 3 decades, he has approved his quality as a great actor and he also helped several movies to hit box office. In average, his salary is $55 million per year. If you want to look his act, you can rent Ghostbusters, Star Trek 5 or Golden Child DVD.

04. Mike Myers
Mike Myers $55 million/year
Mike Myers has a great luck in Hollywood industry.Some of his best movies are Austin Powers (series), The Love Guru, and Shrek (series). It is no doubt that some of his movie are best selling . His salary is $55 million/year and that make him in the 4th place of most expensive Hollywood actors.

05. Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio $45 million/movie
He is one of the most popular character in Titanic and his act help this movie became the most successful movie in the history. His best role also could be found at Romeo and Juliet and “The Man in the Iron Mask”. His salary per year is $45 million and that make him in the 5th position of most expensive actors in Hollywood
06.Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis $41 milllion/year
He played very nice at many actions and horror movie such as The Sixth Sense, Armageddon, Pulp Fiction, 12 monkeys, Sin city, Die Hard ( series) and many more. Most of his movie is a guarantee of box office. His earning from movie, per year, is $41 million and that makes him recorded at 6th place of most expensive actors in Hollywood

07. Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller $40 million/year
Ben stiller is a professional Hollywood actor and famous comedian. Some of his movie were very profitable and successful such as Meet the Parents, Night at the Museum,Zoolander and many more. Forbes has recorded him as 7th most expensive Hollywood actor.His salary is $40 million yearly.

08. Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage $38 millions/year
He is a famous Action Hollywood actor who was playing in National Treasure (series), Ghost rider, and Gone in 60 seconds.In Hollywood, He is known as the 8th most expensive actor. He collects around $38 million/year from his acting.

09. Will Ferrell
Will Ferrell $31 million/year
He is a good comedian and actor that have collected many awards for his funny act and performance on a movie or stage. He involved in many movie such as A Night At Roxbury” ,“The Ladies Man”, “Dick”, “Austin Powers – The Spy Who Shagged Me”, and“Drowning Mona”. In Hollywood, he is known as the 9th most expensive actor. His contracts are worth $31 million/year

10. Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler 30 Millions/ year
Adam Sandler is known for his acting in “Billy Madison”, “CLICK”, “Happy Gilmore”, “ Bed time story”.”water boy”, “50 First date” and many more. Yearly, he involved in the production of many new Hollywood movies and he collects $30 millions yearly

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Most Expensive Hollywood Actors

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