Nasa Answers About Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

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On Sunday, December 5, 2010  several people gathered at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport, Hollywood. They commemorate the event of disappearance squadron Flight 19, 65 years ago.
Five planes and 14 crew were lost in the Bermuda Triangle, an area located within an imaginary line connecting the three areas, namely Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Miami in the United States.

Number of ships and aircraft which disappeared in the region make the Bermuda Triangle to be one of the most mysterious locations on Earth.

Some speculation circulating that the Bermuda Triangle there is a black hole 'black hole', or aliens who hide under the ocean, a portal to another dimension, methane gas, the location of the lost Atlantis, home to the devil, the Beast.

A number of questions about the Bermuda Triangle is also presented to the U.S. space agency, NASA. Here's the answer.

Is there a relationship between the Bermuda Triangle and a black hole 'black holes'?

There is no black hole in the Bermuda Triangle. In fact, there is no such thing as even the Bermuda Triangle. Number of cases lost in the region consistent with other regions. (NASA scientist, Dr. Eric Christian)

Bermuda Triangle and Zona De Silencia in Mexico are on the same latitude and a second place is mysterious. Zona De Silencia known to attract meteorites from the sky, while the Bermuda Triangle is known for many ships and planes mysteriously disappear. Why these two areas are not investigated?

The facts about the wrong location. No part of Earth that can pull a meteorite from the sky, no weird gravity anomalies. Earth's gravitational field has been mapped with remarkable precision, especially by companies that use gravity map to determine the potential of oil and minerals.

Also there is no more mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle than in other parts of the sea in the storm zone. That is, there is nothing mysterious of the two locations. I recommend that you try to evaluate the accuracy of your sources and link it with the real world, not fantasy. (Astrobiologist and NASA senior scientist, David Morrison)

NASA answers similar to what the site contained History of the United States Navy, Explained, that the significant factor causing the loss of ships in the Bermuda Triangle is a strong ocean currents, called the Gulf Stream.

The storm that came suddenly that's what causes the naval vessel lost in the Bahamas, Saratoga. The ship and crew disappeared without a trace, on March 18, 1781.

Also explained that not only in the Bermuda Triangle, many of the ships the U.S. Navy have been lost at sea because of storms around the world - a sudden.

Ships and aircraft could be lost suddenly in the Bermuda Triangle region was due to anomalous compass which can disrupt navigation systems. About the existence of this anomaly ever recorded by Columbus in the voyage.

In a number of well documented that the Bermuda Triangle is one of two locations in the world who has an anomaly. Other regions are seas of Japan and the Philippines, also known by similar names, 'Formosa Triangle'. (NASA)

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Nasa Answers About Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

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