Top Extreme Gaming Notebooks

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Alienware M 17x

If you’re a really serious gamer, you’ve already considered Alienware. The brand is at or near the top of any aficionado’s best of the best. The Alienware M17x gaming laptop puts that legendary desktop power in a portable, if somewhat heavy and bulky, package. Anyone who plops this baby down and starts competing in the hottest new MMORPG is sure to be the envy of anyone around.

Alienware M 15x

The Alienware M15x may very well pack more computing power into a relatively small package than any laptop on the market. Serious gamers and others for whom performance is the only valid criterion will be find this unit most appealing. For most people, the price tag is likely to be an obstacle. Though it’s pretty competitively priced in its base configuration, we don’t think that most consumers who are drawn to the likes of Alienware are likely to be satisfied with this or any other basic unit.

Dell Studio XPS 16

To be an effective gaming laptop, there has to be a lot of computing power from the CPU and RAM. Though not specifically designated a gaming computer by the manufacturer, the Dell Studio XPS 16 has all. It’s also a lot lighter than most laptops that earn the gaming moniker. Perhaps most attractively, it offers this most attractive package at a price that’s very reasonable compared to most of its competition.

Mac Book Pro 15

Basically, it’s exactly what it says on the tin: a faster MacBook Pro. It seems as if the tweaks Apple has made to the battery are more or less a wash, and while the added CPU power is certainly felt, there just isn’t the necessary gaming contingent on the Mac to make the new GPU useful to most folks — though the pro users that have been eyeing those pro mobile graphics cards available to their PC counterparts will certainly feel otherwise. Apple has carved an amazingly large niche out for itself by building incredibly expensive laptops incredibly well, and this generation is no exception.

Toshiba Cosmio X500

Make older movies, photos and clips look a lot better on this laptop’s high-def screen, exclusive Resolution + ™ up converts standard-definition DVD movies to improve sharpness and tone. Built for performance and speed, the NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX460M GPU on this laptop delivers highly-realistic visuals plus 1GB of DDR5 VRAM power so you can power through the latest 3D games and demanding system tasks at lightning fast frame rates.

iBuypower Battalion 101 CZ-9 Ultra

If you’re looking for a great-performing midrange notebook with real gaming chops and an affordable price—and if you don’t mind a nondescript exterior—then the Battalion 101 CZ-9 is a solid choice. iBuypower has packed the Battalion 101 CZ-9 with a standard array of wireless options and connectors, including a 3-in-1 card reader, 802.11n Wi-Fi, HDMI out, three USB ports, a VGA port, Ethernet, and S-Video; there’s also a 2-megapixel Webcam placed just above the display.

AVA Direct D901 C

Like most high-end, custom built, performance oriented computers, the AVADirect D901C is awesomely fast and exaggeratedly over powered. A maximized AVADirect D901C configuration will cause gamers to quiver with desire. SLI video cards, desk top processing speed with a 17 inch display. What’s not to love? Like a cherished relative, the AVADirect D901C does have its minor flaws. If you can overlook its hefty price tag and bulkiness, the AVADirect D901C promises unrivalled gaming performance and the prestige of owning a frighteningly powerful supercomputer.

Dell XPS M1530

Ultimately, the Dell XPS M1530 is a jack-of-all-trades in the laptop arena. The Dell XPS M1530 will handle multimedia, wi-fi networking, internet, resource-intensive applications, and even manage some casual gaming on the side. For the user with a very specific set of needs, likeDVD authoring, the Dell XPS M1530 might not be the best laptop out there. But, for the civilian user with a love of multimedia and a need for versatility, the Dell XPS M1530 is a great candidate—especially at the price.


The huge 18-inch display and fast components establish the HP HDX18t as a prestige class desktop replacement. The true widescreen 16:9 ratio on the HP HDX18t is perfect for movies and running multiple applications. The HP HDX18t is an eye-catching and powerful performer when it comes to resource intensive applications and casual gaming. The Blu-ray drive and multimedia console will put the HP HDX18t at the center of your HD video dealings. The HP HDX 18t will receive a warm welcome in the home of any multimedia enthusiast.

Hp Pavilion Hdx16-1040us

Once you swipe your finger across the reader and gain access to the system you can revel in movies played on the 16″ screen at 1368×768 resolution. The NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT video processor has a dedicated 512MB of GDDR3 memory. A LightScribe/Super Multi drive lets you watch your favorite movies and burn custom playlists. An HDMI port lets you show the movies on your widescreen HDTV.

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Top Extreme Gaming Notebooks

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