The Many Colors of Bengals, Oh!

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(The Snow White, Standard, Golden Tabby and White Bengal tigers)

Tigers come in a few different Coat colors, here are a few of them. There are the snow tiger or ghost tiger which can sometimes be called pure white or all white. The standard white tiger with black stripes, which some may have light to dark brown stripes. The golden tabby which is also called the strawberry tiger. The classic orange with black stripes. Then the rarest melanistic or black tigers, and albino tigers. And the Maltese tiger which have a blueish tint to their fur where a classic tiger would be orange, these tigers have never been fully proven to exsist, yet so many sightings have been seen many many years ago that its believed they are in fact real, weather they are exstinct or not has yet to be known.

The Rare Snow White Tiger:

Contrary to popular belief the snow tiger or ghost tiger is not albino. Snow Tigers do have visable stripes though many only have stripes visable above the eyes and on the tail, some even only on their tails. Albinos lack stripes completely. Though the same as the white tiger but with less stripes and or less visable stripes; snow tigers are ten times more rare.

White Tigers:

Only the bengal tigers and siberian tigers are known the produce white tigers, both parents must carry a specific gene in order for a white tiger to be produced. White tigers can have stripes that are anywhere from a black to a light tan color. In fact the snow tigers are the same as white tigers but are just set aside as being different from them because they have less stripes and or less visable stripes.

Golden Tabby or Strawberry tigers:

Like the white tigers it is believed that in order for a golden tabby to be produced both parents must carry a special gene. Tabby tigers are orange with anywhere from dark tan to light tan stripes. Tabbies are much more rare then the white tigers.

Classic Tigers:

Classic tigers are the first tigers that are thought of when someone mentions the word 'tiger'. Their color can range anywhere from dark orange(almost red) to a light orange, and always have black stripes.

Melanistic tigers or black tigers:

Melanistic is a term used for an over grownth of pigment, its pretty much the opposite of ablonisium which lacks pigment. Melanistic tigers are almost all black with orange to yellow stripes mainly on its underside. Some might believe melanistic tigers to be a myth but pelts have been recovered in the early to mid 1900's that prove their exsistnace. No live Melanistic tiger has been captured or seen since.

Albino tigers:

Albino tigers and Snow white tigers are often mistaken for one another, the best way to tell them apart is to look at the tails, abino tigers have no stripes. If one was to shave a snow white tiger the skin would show visable stripes even if they cant be seen when the animal is not shaved, an albino will not have any stripes even on their skin, and their skin will be pink. Their noses and lips will also be pink with no other pigmentation, however contrary to popular belief and unlike most albino animals the albino tigers are said to have faint blue eyes rather then red. If you find this out for sure let us know.

Maltese Tigers:

Maltese Tigers were reported being seen in Malta in the early 1900's, no pelt nor live maltese tiger have ever been recovered or caputred and most people believe the tiger to be a myth, accoring to those who have said to have seen the tiger it is real and does truly exsist. It is believed that if the Maltese Tiger is real that it's blue coloration is a pigment mutation similar to Melanisium and albonisium. If the Maltese Tigers are in fact real and are a pigment mutation like melanisium and ablonisium then all species of tigers should be able to produce maltese tigers. But like the Melanistic tigers they are seemingly elusive. Some believe that the Maltese tiger may have once lived but is now exstinct. We may never know. Myth? Legend? Real? Or Exstinct? What is your belief?


(This picture is altered to show what it is believed a maltese tiger might look like according to the descriptions given by villagers a long time ago.)

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The Many Colors of Bengals, Oh!

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