Fabulous Royal Weddings

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 After years of speculation, the official engagement of Prince William and longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton has finally been announced. The ring (a sapphire surrounded by diamonds) also belonged to his mother, Diana. The wedding is expected to take place in the spring or summer of next year. In honor of the good news, we're looking back at other memorable royal weddings.

Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer

July 29, 1981
The wedding of William and Kate will likely be the biggest since his parents' ceremony, watched by millions and millions of people all over the world.

Rania & Prince Abdullah of Jordan

June 16, 1993
Nowadays Queen Rania is probably one of the world's best known — and most stylish — royals.

Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece & Marie-Chantal Miller

July 1, 1995
While her sisters Pia Getty and Alexandra von Furstenberg also married well, Marie-Chantal is the only Miller sister to marry official royalty.

 Prince Juan Carlos of Spain & Princess Sophia of Greece

May 14, 1962
More than 150 members of Europe's royal families witnessed the wedding of the eldest daughter of the King of Greece and the future King of Spain.

Prince Frederik of Denmark & Mary Donaldson

May 14, 2004
It's been reported that the Crown Prince of Denmark and the then-civilian Ms. Donaldson met at a pub in Sydney during the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Prince Rainier of Monaco & Grace Kelly

April 19, 1956
In true fairy-tale fashion, movie star and fashion icon Grace Kelly married her Prince Charming in a ceremony that was broadcast across Europe.

Prince Felipe of Spain & Letizia Ortiz

May 22, 2004
The Princess's wedding day ensemble included an ivory-colored gown with a 15-foot-long train and a platinum-and-diamond tiara which was worn at the nuptials of the groom's mother, Queen Sophia.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden & Duke Daniel

June 19, 2010
After their wedding, the couple was driven through Stockholm in a coach and then rowed in an antique royal barge to a banquet at the castle.

Princess Sayako of Japan & Yoshiki Kuroda

November 15, 2005
After her wedding, the princess actually gave up her imperial title and left the Japanese Imperial Family, as required by law.

Princess Victoria & Viscount Lascelle

January 1, 1922
This wedding was the first royal occasion in which Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (later the Queen Mother), participated.

Duke & Duchess of Windsor

June 3, 1937
American socialite Wallis Simpson lived a glamorous life that was the source of much fascination and speculated scandal, even after the Duke's death in 1972.

Tatiana Blatnik & Prince Nikolaos of Greece

August 25, 2010
Before becoming a princess, Tatiana worked as an event planner for fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg.

Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson

July 23, 1986
The day he married Fergie, Prince Andrew also became the Duke of York and she, of course, became the Duchess.

Marie Antoinette & Dauphin Louis-Auguste of France

May 16, 1770
Marie Antoinette was officially handed over to her French bearers on May 7, 1770, and met her future husband one week later.

Margerita Gonzaga & Henry II, Duke of Lorraine

April 24, 1606
This 17th century painting depicts the royal in a costume typical of the period, complete with a ruff, or wide collar, and embellished with pearls.

Queen Astrid & Belgian King Leopold III

November 4, 1926
In 1935, the King and Queen were driving along Lake Lucerne when he lost control of the car, killing Astrid and her unborn child.

Guinevere & King Arthur

6th Century
Arthur and Guinevere are mainly the stuff of myth and folklore — the most famous example of which is perhaps the legend of the sword Excalibur.

Jupiter & Juno

 In this 16th century painting, the king of the gods places a ring on the finger of his queen.

Napoléon & Joséphine

March 9, 1796
Because she could not bear him a child, the couple divorced in 1810.

Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn

January 25, 1533
Anne was Henry's second wife and the mother of future Queen Elizabeth I. She was famously beheaded in 1536.

Henry IV & Marie de Médici

December 17, 1600
Talk about a power couple. The six offspring produced by Henry and Marie went on to rule many a country.

Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip

November 20, 1947
The current ruling monarch of Britain now has another big wedding to plan for William and Kate.

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Fabulous Royal Weddings

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